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Hello Dan,

Sorry to be a pain, but I was wondering if you might be willing to run the same hexadump procedure on the datasheet I shared yesterday. I understand that this kind of request is probably outside the scope of the work you do here for the forum, so I appreciate your support in this matter. I am under a bit of a time crunch for getting this data analyzewd so I'd like to get the interpretation process underway as soon as possible.



Hello again Dan,

I was wondering if you could do the same thing to this datafile as you did to my datafile yesterday. I'm getting the same error message about no parameters to estimate. Estimation cannot proceed. So, I am assuming that, once again, there is something funky about the encoding of my datafile.

Is there a better way of going about creating a datafile than the procedure I outlined in my previous message, please let me know.

Also, could you show me how to take a hexdump of my datafile? Thanks!


Hello Dan,

Thanks for the reply. I created the data file by converting an excel spreadsheet into a tab delimited .txt file. Then, I eliminated all of the tabs in the .txt file using search and replace. I've created data files using this process before, without issue.



I'm attempting to fit a partial credit model to a set of data (Conquest 4). 73 students rated 37 statements with a 6-point likert scale. Due to category sparseness in the response vector, I collapsed the 6 categories into three.

When I attempt to fit the model, I get the error code in the subject line. Attached here is a screenshot showing this. Also, I've attached the command, data, and labels files.

Could this have to do with the fact that by collapsing the categories many of the response sequences are perfect scores (e.g., now, something like 45% of the response sequences are all 2s).

Thanks for your continued assistance,



I'll update to version 5 soon.



I'm receiving the following error message using Conquest 4:

Record missing in data file or data record is too long

A bit about the data:

221 teachers rated 37 statements using a 5-point likert scale. Additionally, they provided responses to 5 demographic questions (see attached labels file).

I created one fake case (id #221 in the attached data file) because I did not have an observation in category 0 of item 25. This fake case has missing data on all demographic questions and all rating scale items, except #25 for which the score is in category 0.

I've double-checked to ensure that the format statement in the attached Command file corresponds with the order of the data in each row and confirmed that there are observations for each of the categories of the 5 demographic questions in the data.

Looking through the Conquest Command Reference manual has not been very helpful.

Appreciate any support I might get on resolving this issue.


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