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Thanks a lot, I will!

Hi, Dan!

Would you consult me please about the model that we had discussed on April 13, 2018? If you know any articles where is shown how to express the unknown parameters, I mean theta and difficulty of tasks (b) it would be great!


Hi, Dan! I tried to use the show command as in your example. So, I've got a matrix, what it shows?

On 87 page of the Command Reference I see the mh command description.


I try to describe Multidimensional Within-Item Partial Credit Model (the text of this model and a part of the data file in the attachments).

So I need to get the theta estimation, but I don't see this estimation in the report-file. I think that I do someting wrong describing the model. Can you hint me where mistakes are?

Also, do you know where I can find out the likelihood function of the model in the attachments (file - model.jpg) and how ConQuest estimate the latent parameters mathematicly?

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