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I'm examining a within-item multidimensional model, so I am exporting the item parameter file to specify these as initial values in the next step.  I am excluding the 2nd item, however, because it is not part of the model I am investigating (but I wish to retain the item numbering I have).  If I exclude this item, using "DELETE!items(2)" does the second step read a disordered set of initial parameters (offset due to the deleted item)? The error, "If anchors or initial values are used the referencing must reflect removal of this parameter" to me suggests the ordering gets messed up. 

If the initial values are indeed disordered, what is the easiest way to ensure the ordering is correct?

Questions and Answers / Including Case PID in Outputs
« on: November 27, 2013, 08:43:18 PM »
My objective is to keep the ID from the data file connected to the person estimates in the outputs from the Show Cases (and from the Export Scoreddata) commands (so I can subsequently read the output into SAS easily, thereby connecting the estimates to my other datasets from other analyses of these persons). To do this, I assumed, after reading the manual, I need to specify PID in the FORMAT command, but when I specify PID (as FORMAT PID 1-8 time 9 responses 11-40), ConQuest crashes. If I specify it with any other name, such as "ID" (as in this: (as FORMAT ID 1-8 time 9 responses 11-40), ConQuest runs fine, but the output ID is just the order ID, not the 8 digit ID from my data file.
I read that ConQuest has to sort the cases when PID is used (they are already sorted), but I only am examining about 500 cases, so I wouldn't expect a sort to crash the program.  The model is unidimensional and converges fairly quickly (79 iterations in less than 10 seconds).

Am I missing something?


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