Author Topic: CQ3 can't use relative filepaths and omits Polish (non-ascii?) characters  (Read 672 times)


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I have a peculiar problem with ConQuest 3 (GUI), one that didn't happen with previous version. It seems that CQ3 has fixed 'default' path to read from (as well to write into) when it looks up for files. This path is the CQ3 installation directory.

Here is the description of the problem (exemplified with the 'datafile' command)
When I try to run any script (pre-existing one loaded into CQ) it crashes on commands 'datafile'. It then displays an error dialog saying:
"The data file [filename] cannot be open."
It doesn't say very much why it cannot be opened [CQ2 error reports were a little more verbose].

After few trial and error cycles I have found two problems (bugs?) in CQ3 - non-existing in CQ2:
1. CQ3 uses its installation directory as the default path when it evaluates paths it reads from/writes into. CQ2 used the path to the command file as the "working directory".
2. It cannot process Polish characters in a pathname - it simply erases them (or at least prints the path without those characters in the output window). CQ2 didn't have this problem.

Workaround: it is possible to read or write a file using a 'Command' drop-down menu, but it kills the use of scripts and the possibility of automation of work. Fun fact - after using the drop-down menu the file path is displayed correctly (i.e. with Polish characters).

The big question is - how to force CQ3 to use the directory the command file is located in as a default ("working") directory?

Best regards,

Eveline Gebhardt

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Re: CQ3 can't use relative filepaths and omits Polish (non-ascii?) characters
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2014, 12:26:30 AM »
Hi Michal

You could place the program files in the directory of the data file.

Have you tried set directory=xxxxxxx;

Could you please email us the path with the polish characters? (

Best wishes