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Minimum working examples
« on: February 14, 2017, 03:58:12 AM »
Some users want to ask questions, report bugs, or provide examples of functionality in ConQuest.

To make this easy and to ensure the members of the forum can follow along and reproduce the issue (and maybe contribute their own solutions), it would be helpful to post a minimum working example.

A minimum working example is the smallest possible example that illustrates a problem that is fully self contained. That is, any user should be able to recreate the issue using the syntax and data you provide.

ConQuest doesn't have any built in example data sets or analyses, but there is a notes and tutorial page that provides simple examples of syntax and data: Using these as the basis of a minimum working example has a few benefits:

  • The syntax is a simple starting point and avoids complex labelling, formatting, or analysis that users may include in their own analysis
  • The data is not proprietry or confidential and therefore there is no problem with sharing it on the forum

I have attached an example skeleton of a minimum working example. What do you think? Feel free to edit/change/offer suggestions...
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